Is the Grass always Greener?

I will not be the one to throw bs your way, I will hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself. You may give up on you, but my job is to remind you…you didn’t set the goal for no reason.

At one point you thought the goal to be attainable, and somewhere along the way you lost the trust in yourself to continue to motivate that goal. I know how hard it is to show up unmotivated and to be disappointed in yourself because you just cant get it together. Life throws these daggers of emotions our way sometimes, and they prove to be fear, embarrassment, and anger all summed up into this wave of why the f*** am I feeling this way. You may think to yourself give in or keep trying. We all know the easier answer, giving in…but what answer provides to be self fulfilling.

Is this all a test of my character?

Can I really overcome these emotions? And the biggest question…what if I fail?

Stop right there and think to yourself, how bad is it really? If you were to subtract everyone that surrounds you, all your materialistic items, all your day to day drama, and just leave your goals there….is life really worth feeling that sense of defeat, or are you casting the defeat on yourself as a version of self pity.  Self pity will never win, it will never overcome those feelings of fear, disappointment or anger, self pity can only bring you farther down a spiraling hole.

Do u remember that age old phrase where it states grass may not be greener on the other side, or that it is greener…well think of that in the sense of giving up. Ask yourself what do I get out of giving up on my dreams? If you have found yourself in a novel of lessons from your journey, then you can rest assure you didn’t fail at that dream/goal, you took an alternate route because you did put forth your best efforts. Now if you find yourself still sitting in those sense of emotions we discussed earlier, you may want to reflect and find the realization that this time the grass may in fact be there, but its not green. Its dry, discolored, and cracking little by little until one day it is only that of dust and dirt. So I repeat, I will be the one to hold you accountable, and I will be the one to offer you realistic advice based on your emotions and not whats best on a whim.

I do this because I care, because I love with all of my heart, and because you will always need someone to help you hold yourself in the highest regard even if you don’t notice it just yet.

Remember life is short, and day by day we should be finding ways to better ourselves physically, spiritually, and the most important to me,  mentally!
~Genuinely Mrs Bair.


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