On A Whim

A Whim is all it took♥


Dad with his New Blanket of the Family

I knew when we got the news that it would take time to process everything we were being told, and to understand the reality of the situation. 14 hours after we got the news about my Dad having Stage 4 Cancer, I woke up in bed crying to my husband telling him that I just felt that I needed to be with my Dad. For the past few weeks leading into a month, Dad and I had rescheduled my weekend visit due to things that had come up unexpectedly. And here we were a month and a week or so later from that delay, hearing the news. I walked into work and asked my boss for some time that day to meet with him and our office manager.  It wasn’t until later that morning that he came into the office and we sat down, and I informed them of the news. He was heartbroken for me and my wonderful office manager held back her tears as she hadn’t been able to be with her father and sadly he passed away from a similar cancer. I told my boss there was a lot of unknowns at that moment as he was trying to ask me questions. I informed him that as soon as I knew more he would be my first call, to this day, we speak regularly.


After putting in all the work I could for that day, and visiting all my job sites, I packed up some belongings and headed home. The next morning I packed my things, and Hazel my new adopted baby and called my amazing Aunt to tell her we were on the way. We became roommates for the first time in my 34 years and I am so thankful it was her that I got to quarantine with. I’m sure all of you are aware, by now, that this news is all going down while we are all being told that we have a Virus infecting our planet. Therefore this decision didn’t come lightly, I knew if I was going to spend time with my Dad that I would have to make sure that I was 100% germ free and able to be more of a help when I got to him, then a burden. My Aunt is also quarantining for my Dad, she is going to be the SUPER rock that he needs towards the end of treatment. She made sure our days were filled with something physical to do and lots of yummy food that I attempted to take notes on, however I’m just not as good as she is just yet. The Ham and Butter beans she made for Palm Sunday, I definitely know now how to cook! We only escaped once to Burger King when we were really craving a juicy fattening burger, little to our surprise it wasn’t ALL THAT, but we stayed as safe as possible with our PPE Equipment. We got a few Publix deliveries to hold us in.



16 days later, after binge-ing 3 entire seasons of The Good Fight, and finding a new routine, I was on my way to my dads to adapt to a new normalcy for a while. Just knowing I’d be going to my dad’s put a huge smile on my face and helped me feel like I had purpose throughout my quarantine. Not to mention having an amazing work group that allowed me to work from where ever I was helps a ton too!

So here I am, 22 days into quarantine, and with my Dad! My stepmom is a godsend, she makes sure I am good no matter how many times I insist I will eat whatever she cooks, or at least try it, and that I can clean and cook in addition to hers, and I’m not even the patient. However when it comes to baking, she tops me,  Its like WHOA…. I may have saved some recipes I will post here for you to try. Her momma taught her the southern from scratch way; I personally love my box cakes but she’s right there’s something about “from scratch” that makes it melt in your mouth.

1- 500 piece puzzle down 1 to go, 8 treatments down 16 to go. The latest update on him is that he has his days, as you would expect, but he is staying so positive, reading scriptures everyone is sending him. Today he met with the DR for the first time since the start of treatment and he had nothing but good things to report, and his DR was impressed with how well he is doing. He had a swallow test this Monday, and passed with flying colors, next one is at the end. Dad was reminded this is the Honeymoon stage and that it would be a bit more complicated in the future but he is not naive to that, and is taking it day by day, as am I, and everyone else that he has as a support system.

Multiple times even in one day he has stated that he appreciates me being here and that it truly is helping him and not just him but my stepmomma too. I didn’t know what I would be doing when I came here, I assumed I would be a bit of fresh air and light just didn’t know how everything would be, and I tell ya, its wonderful. I have had my struggles, and those moments are pretty personal that I share with my love.


My dad and I have already watched a racing movie, caught up on some old school SyFy stuff, and done our fair share of old music listening. Do you know who the DOOBIE BROTHERS are if you don’t, look them up, they still tour and are really someone to listen to. He still insists his advice on things like the care of my car, and Oh how I missed his input.

The Doobie Brothers

I’m just truly grateful for the opportunity that I have to be here with him. My dad has always been a HUGE part of my past and I really need him to be that of my future. I firsthand know tomorrow is not promised and that WHIM decision I made, will always be something I will never regret. Here’s to tomorrow… where I will continue to take walks with my stepmom, and have endless conversations with my Dad, eat food as a family at the table, and be his Co-Pilot until I decide its time for me to go home.

FOR MY HUSBAND: Thank you for always being that person to hold the fort down, and this time I mean literally. THANK YOU for the endless Face time conversations and distanced dinners when I was in town and could at least see your face. I know its hard without me, I never thought in our lifetime I wouldn’t be able to hug/kiss/touch you for as long as I have at this point. As always we grow, we inspire one another to be our best version of ourselves. By allowing me to follow my heart, you have my heart! Don’t forget to lock the doors before you put your head down, and turn the A/C up before you leave for work- isn’t that what you always tell me:) LOVE YOU HANDSOME

TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY- Your support is unconditional, and as always you prove that I always made the right decision having you so close to my ♥  Facetime all of you SOON!

More Updates to Come… More regularly I PROMISE, I’m officially back in the BLOG routine!

One thought on “On A Whim

  1. lizzyritz85 says:

    You are the strongest person I know. I love you to the moon and back. I am soo happy you are able to be there for your dad…we take our family for granted and if I could go back in time I would have spent more time with my dad…cherish every moment with them…


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