Check Yo Self!

Are you one of those people that find your motivation…or are you the one that waits for it to find you? Reactive…Proactive, my heads speaks these words more often than I’d like to admit.

Motivation is a time old noun that people use today in many forms. Some use the motivation term on the funny side of memes/jokes, or excuses to determine a lack of motivation. It’s used when speaking about dieting, self-care, and in therapy related causes. Motivation can be a self discovery on numerous topics of learning/analyzing, or even mentoring with a sight of goals and targets. There is also the effect of trying new things that motivate us. There are a ton of motivators all around us everyday, right? Why is it we still have days where we are so Un-Motivated!

I personally do numerous things to make sure I stay motivated throughout the day. I use to drink a protein shake every morning, I use to work out in the mornings vs the afternoons. Throughout the day I jam out to my favorite songs and call my husband when I’m having a time and need a pep talk. These types of motivations are more like a daily groove. Then sadly sometimes my motivation goes the opposite way: I have a donut with coffee, I skip my workout and take a rest day, however I am normally still jamming out to some genre of music.

I guess my real question is not if or when motivation is found, but how? So, what motivates you? To be Frank, If your answer is just one thing, I will be the first to tell you that you are lying to yourself. I believe motivation is so much bigger than just that one thing like “I do it for my family”, or “I do it because I want to loose weight”!

Its deeper than that one thing that may jump to your frontal lobe, What motivates you in a time sense: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly? Is it family, career, love? Again…why not all of the above?

I’m motivated by life and all the things I don’t know yet. I also am motivated by FOMO, it plays a part in what I try to do to keep myself “in the loop” per say! I am a people person so I like to be involved, occasionally I have been told I am controlling. That’s not the best thing to hear, but what motivated me to be that way was a passion of wanting to make sure whatever it is, is being done at a level that I would accept it. I’m a prideful person.

What motivates you to try that recipe you saw a week ago? What motivates you to re-watch that movie you’ve seen a handful/hundreds of times? What motivates you to put clothes on in the morning vs staying in your pj’s until its time for bed?

I can honestly answer, I think our emotions are our biggest motivator. I am a very empathetic person, I respond sometimes in a reactive matter based on my feelings, and that’s not always a good thing. I watch that movie I’ve seen a hundred times, like the Notebook, because I want to have those heart strings pulled on. I cook that cauliflower in my shepherds pie to see if I will like it and can build it into a healthier lifestyle routine. I rock my jammies all day cause I have other things at the house that take precedence that I am MOTIVATED to take care of before myself.

Daily-I have 1000+ motivators that get me through. Weekly- I have a minor list I could write out. Monthly-is even less than weekly, its actually portrayed on my dry erase board in the foyer, and they probably equate to a handful. Yearly- we all make the infamous New Year Resolution, or two… {lets be honest}!

So I want you to ask yourself…what motivates you in this very moment as you are reading this? Will you go read a book, wash the dishes in your sink, play a game with your kids, or have some self care time and soak in a bath with candles?

It’s not my place to hold you accountable, the point of motivation is to hold yourself accountable. Here’s your reminder that life is really too short and when you question your motivation, in turn you are setting the tone of asking yourself…. Did you put forth the efforts that you wanted to feel productive today, this week, this month, this past year?

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