A Facade, we know.


Rant. If u think its completely OK to claim to the world that your living in this facade of a perfect life but in reality your really NOT….there is something chemically wrong with your mentality, and frankly your an idiot.  I’m so tired of hearing or finding out about situations where a man feels he only needs to provide to be that perfect man. And I’m super pissed by the woman who stands a side, and lets them just provide, without showing the affection, genuine care, and most importantly the love that a man should show.
That is not a perfect man ladies!
Your thinking, how does she know what a perfect man is, well the answer is… I don’t. To everyone…that perfect man could resemble many different traits! What I do know, is I can damn well guarantee to you that if a man really loves a woman, than all of those above traits will be there and of course returned by you, to him.
It’s truly sad when I sit back; after having the minor anger and frustration towards the idea that a woman would sit by and let it happen; it’s sad to think that they don’t think more of themselves to realize it’s not a good reality, that he’s not this perfect man that they blast on social media, or in conversations with friends.

Umm… Wake up call, it makes you look like the bigger idiot because your seriously OK with calling this your perfect life.
Here’s the short Rant/Word of Advice:
Women, think more highly of yourselves to not sit and let the world be the ones to realize your living this facade of a life, get your shit together and remember it’s not good to lie.
-thoughts of the Mrs.
(Excuse some of my grammar, the rest was intentional, 😒)


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