2017…It’s a Wrap

Psh 2017. Geez its been a while since I wrote last, I haven’t been inspired to express until recently, and since then life has just been one thing after another. Last year our New Year’s Resolution was to save $ and work on the addition, but still enjoy life as much as we could with what we could do around us. I like to think we did a pretty decent job. January 2017 Philip was 5 months into recovery from his accident, and this year we faced some pretty challenging health news, aside from that. We didn’t invest in our annual theme park passes and we partied at home for our birthdays and the holidays, with our closest friends and family. We traveled when we got a great deal on a cruise for our anniversary, and decided it would be our last for a while. Philip decided it was a must after this past years bump, and off we went. My mother was recently married and we got the opportunity to join her new husband’s family in the mountains of NC for Christmas. We decided to take my 5 year old godson, Carter, and to make a quick weekend trip out of it and make it back in time for Christmas, for him, and so we could be with my Nana, as it would probably be her last.


Breakfast in the cutest little country dinner at the top of a mountain- waiting on pancakes


Carter wanted this photo taken in front of the waterfall


Carter and my sister Caitilin in the Caves on a tour…there were bats


We HIKED a lot this Day!! Made us feel Strong


Carter and Uncle P Throwing Snow Balls

It was wonderful, and the icing on top was being with my family and taking our godson with us to enjoy the adventure, he loved it so much! 2017 definitely had its times, I’m pretty sure it’s part of life, for everyone, but catching that break every now and then, would be a blessing.80997

UPDATE: After a while I decided it was time to post some pictures of Philip’s accident in case I lost pictures on my end, they would be in the world do go back and look upon: FOR THOSE OF YOU WITH SENSITIVE STOMACHS- THESE MAY NOT BE THE PHOTOS FOR YOU

Philip Had his Accident on August 9, 2016 and we were in that hospital for all of our ANNIVERSARY, which we planned to leave for the next morning.

He is LUCKY to be ALIVE, and I’m lucky to have him here!



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