Husband & Wife


High School Senior Prom 2004′


Thirteen years ago on Aug 16, we decided to take a closer look at one another…which then led to a kiss. Before the kiss I actually thought Mr. Bair was an ego driven teenage boy, who was pretty good at tumbling (you see we met at an All Star Cheerleading Practice). It took about 6 months for me to even realize what he was about. He was smart with school, a good listener to any of my girly drama, and surprisingly he wanted to hang out with me, and not the other 30 girls.  This would be when we started riding to and from practice together, we partied on the weeknights and weekends. Started a great friendship. We both went to different high schools, during the day we did what anyone in our generation did…text. The difference back 13 years ago was I didn’t have a cool qwerty keypad, I was challenged with a flip top phone, that I personally bedazzled as my cover. I still own it to this day, its my antique stuck in the junk drawer. Our texts were very in depth, we learned a lot about each others days and counted down till our next adventure. After about a year we got closer, became great friends, we had tried hooking one another up with our friends…or at least I tried hooking Mr. Bair up, only to find he really had eyes for me, corny I know. It was only a few months later that we went to a best friends birthday party, and we had that kiss I spoke about above, that kindled the start to…  “I now pronounce you Mr. & Mrs. Bair💙


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