A year gone

When I think of 2018 I’m somewhat speechless. It was a dousy. I didn’t think this time last year that I’d have a fulfilling year like 2018 brought. Honestly it started off so rough. I had the inevitable health scare, one too many. Lost my beautiful one and only nana and had to put down one of our furbabies. It started to look up after some of the bad. I went on an adventure with one of my besties that was ultimately unforgettable, more on that later. Became an aunt to an amazing lil baby boy, that has the cutest smile ever. Finally started on the next phase of our compound, and hopefully, give or take in a couple weeks we can say it’s 90% finished. Decided camping is totally our new thing when we can’t splurge to cruise, or find the time. Explored so many beautiful state parks, right here in Fl. Stood up for myself way more times than I can count on two hands. Found a love/hate relationship with my health and my body. Found new things to eat, that I actually like, and new ways to cook the stuff I’ve always loved. Did I mention I saw a lot of sights… in Florida and throughout the N & S east coast area. I had really fun adventures and got a nice little break from life’s day to day cycles. I went to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. I took a walk in Central Park, and made my way to some famous bakeries. My Kitchenaid mixer did work and I baked a ton, in hopes to have some turn out like I’d tasted in NY. I can officially brag about the sugar cookies I can make, mastering the best gingerbread cookie will be 2019’s goal. I took a train, and a plane, and drove 24+ hours all in a few months. The parties I threw weren’t like the good ole days and more like the new, new days. Baby showers, Birthdays, gender reveals, those are all mostly the go to’s I threw and that I got the pleasure of attending. I escaped with the girls, which became a bit more tricky this year. I’m friends to quite a few hot mommas who need more babysitter options on girls nights, but we always made it happen and totally enjoyed the cocktails. I had a lot of ups and just as many downs… but just like any other human being, we all have downs, and I fought. Friends that have been around forever decided to make themselves known as not really those true friends, those hurt hard…but ultimately ended for the best. I have friendships that did survive the year and only got way stronger it always makes you feel so appreciative. I managed to make a lot more time for family this year, holidays and what not in between’s, but I can always say there could be more effort. I wonder sometimes how families that live at a distanced pace, really interact day to day and month to month. I realize more and more that expectations to be around can sometimes be super high, when you live in the same state. I allowed my creative writing side to jump out and take on a life of its own, that’s been nurturing. Every now and then I have blocks and take my necessary time away, I mean its mainly for myself anyways. I got back into painting and my artsy crafty side. I graced my family with all handmade Christmas gifts, by their reactions…I’d pat myself on the back. Working out has been more of a sense of want than any mission. I learned I love rowing and running, unless I’ve taken too long of a break, then it becomes a slight climb to get back. I have mastered the wand, and can make curls appear in less than 25 mins, where as before it could take me hours. I attempted gardening, again with the shortcoming of it just not working out. I seem to do better with potted plants than the ones that have to be dug into the ground. Like my gardening phase, life itself has been a series of phases this year. Some things stayed the same but others kept coming and going, and then coming back again. My strength to master my self control over my situations has become better but will always be more about the journey than the outcome. I take that journey as a good thing, unlike some who could fester on it to be bad. 2018 was truly a decent year. My relationship with my husband is always stronger. I learn more about him as the year blows by. I learn more about us as a whole with minor experiences we get introduced to and overcome. We saw some amazing sights together this year and creating even more amazing memories. I’m eager to see what this time next year, I’ll be writing about. Happy New Year🤗


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